Hyperbaric Chambers

OXYLIFE I - Premium Monoplace Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

Healthier with every breath

  • Will serve users for years with minimum running costs and maintenance.
  • Delivers amazing results really fast and lets you make every therapy session count.
  • Is intended for people of all ages, to make them feel stronger, healthier, more energized and free of pain.
  • Non-medical equipment, affordable price range.

Our oxygen hyperbaric chambers are designed not just for health but for a lifestyle transformation. Whether you're considering a hyperbaric oxygen chamber for sale for home use or professional settings, the OxyHelp chamber is a wise investment in long-term wellness. Experience the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen in every session, a natural method to enhance physical and cognitive performance.

Delve deeper into the realm of hyperbaric wellness with OxyHelp. Our chambers, designed for longevity and efficiency, are more than just equipment; they are your partners in a journey towards a healthier, more vibrant life. Ideal for anyone looking to buy a hyperbaric chamber for enhanced well-being.

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Interior comfort

  • The door is pressure-sealed, no hinges or other closing mechanism that could be subject to pressure load stress.
  • Anti-friction bearings permit easy door slide movement by hand.
  • Anti-bacterial leather like interior.
  • High quality resin fiber loop mattress and pillow – 90% of the core material is air to help dissipate heat and moisture generated by the body during therapy. Allows good ventilation through the entire chamber. It also helps keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. – Made in Japan.

Controller Unit

Automatically controlled
pressure system.

Pneumatic controls manufactured by

The microprocessor system automatically balances the rates of the pumping system and air inlet to set and maintain the requested air pressure and shuts off the compressor after 60 seconds malfunction.

The advanced controller unit of our hyperbaric chambers ensures a seamless and safe experience. With state-of-the-art technology, the OxyHelp chamber provides a reliable and user-friendly interface, making it easy to purchase a hyperbaric chamber that meets all your needs.

The controller unit of our hyperbaric chambers is a marvel of engineering, offering precision, safety, and ease of use. This advanced system is a testament to our commitment to delivering the best hyperbaric oxygen chamber experience available today.

Safety layers for overpressure

Manual overpressure relief valve

Automatic pressure controller

1. The single protection on manual controlled systems might pose serious risk when overpressure relief valve is being tempered with.

2. Manual pressurized system’s abrupt pressurization/depressurization or nonlinear pressure may cause earache problems.

3. Consistent and Controlled Pressurization for Enhanced Comfort:: Our hyperbaric chambers are equipped with advanced automated systems to ensure smooth and gradual pressurization. This feature minimizes the risk of discomfort, such as earaches, providing a more comfortable and safe experience for the user.

4. Advanced Safety Mechanisms to Prevent Overpressure Risks: In addition to automated control, our chambers incorporate multiple safety layers, including both manual and software-based overpressure protection. These mechanisms work in tandem to prevent any risk associated with overpressure, ensuring the highest safety standards for our users.

Friendly user interface that allows manual settings for:

Compression/decompression speed
Treatment pressure level
Chamber temperature
Session time
  • Daily history recordings of number of sessions, length,
    start and stop initiation.
  • Language Options:

This language is available:.Call a representative of this country.

This language is not available yet but we can tailor it for you.

Mirrored commands inside and outside of the chamber

  • Two-way communication system. Mirrored commands inside and outside of the chamber.
  • Controlling all the parameters from the touch display, from inside or outside.

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Step into a world of enhanced well-being with OxyHelp's hyperbaric oxygen chambers. Whether for personal rejuvenation or professional therapy, our chambers offer a sanctuary of health and relaxation. Order Now and begin your journey with one of the finest hyperbaric oxygen chambers for sale on the market.

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Specialized Hyperbaric Chamber features

The design and engineering of the OxyLife I low-pressure chamber revolves around the safety, comfort and convenience of the user.

Our hyperbaric oxygen chamber features are meticulously crafted to provide maximum safety and comfort. From dual over-pressure safety mechanisms to antibacterial interiors, every aspect of our oxygen chambers is designed with your well-being in mind. These features make the OxyHelp chamber an ideal choice for those looking to buy a hyperbaric chamber for enhanced health benefits.

  • Air filled system with oxygen provided through BIBS mask
  • Dual over-pressure safety mechanism – manual and software
  • No oxygen cylinders required
  • Quiet operation (low noise both inside and outside of the chamber)
  • Automatic depressurization in case of power failure
  • User quick stop button
  • Two layers of air filters – 0.05 and 0.01 micrometers
  • Antibacterial interior – internationally certified – Japanese SEK standards
  • The ability to hear, see and to monitor the user at all times
  • Emergency depressurization available for user and operator
  • User controlled ear pressure equalizer
  • Medical grade tubing

Specialized Hyperbaric Chamber features

Our oxygen chambers are equipped with features that set new standards in the field of hyperbaric therapy. From the dual safety mechanisms to the serene interior ambiance, every detail in our hyperbaric oxygen chamber is crafted for your ultimate comfort and safety.

Main features:

Body material, Color

Aluminum, White

Usage time

30 - 600 minutes

Oxygen density / max. Pressure

32 (%)

Air conditioning cool




Video + Sound


Oxygen Concentrator


Operation Outside

Color touchscreen

Operation in Capsule

Start /Stop Only

Installation Base

Caster Wheels



Ear equalizer


The OXYLIFE I Capsule Models

Chambers available in 80 and 90 diameter sizes to significantly reduce the incidence of noncompliance because of claustrophobia.

Choose from our selection of chambers, for sale in sizes to find the perfect fit for your specific requirements. The OXYLIFE I models, available in 80 and 90 diameters have been thoughtfully designed to ensure an roomy experience addressing any concerns about feeling claustrophobic and ensuring a hyperbaric session.

The OXYLIFE I models exemplify the epitome of hyperbaric chamber design. With various sizes available these chambers are customized to cater to a range of needs providing an cozy environment for all users. Whether you're looking for a hyperbaric chamber, for professional use the OXYLIFE I models are a choice.

Oxylife I/80

  • Dimensions: Ø 80 × 220 L cm
  • Volume: 1156 litri
  • Weight: 90 kg

Oxylife I/90

  • Dimensions: Ø 90 × 220 L cm
  • Volume: 1463 litri
  • Weight: 105 kg

Optional equipment

Enhance your hyperbaric oxygen chamber experience with our range of optional equipment. From high-quality oxygen concentrators to advanced air conditioning systems and immersive audio/video setups, each accessory is designed to augment the therapeutic benefits of our oxygen chambers.

Enhance your experience with our range of optional equipment, designed to elevate the therapeutic benefits of our hyperbaric oxygen chambers. From advanced oxygen delivery systems to luxurious interior enhancements, each accessory is chosen to complement and enhance your hyperbaric therapy sessions.

Oxygen Concentrator

Oxygen Concentrator

AirSep oxygen concentrators, intensity 10l/min,
138 kPa output. Made in the USA.

Air conditioning system

Air conditioning system

Water-based cooler by SMC,
type HRSE012-A23-T, Made in Japan.

Audio/Video system

Audio/Video system

Designed for
easy transportation

Available today for delivery anywhere in the world.
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Breathe easily,
we’ve got you covered

OXYHELP INDUSTRY offers clients a manufacturer warranty of 2 years with 3 years extension option for unlimited confidence.

When you purchase a hyperbaric chamber from OxyHelp, you're not just buying a product; you're investing in peace of mind. Our comprehensive warranty and swift service guarantee ensure that your oxygen chamber remains a reliable wellness tool for years to come.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the sale. With our comprehensive warranty and dedicated service team, you can rest assured that your investment in an OxyHelp hyperbaric oxygen chamber is protected and supported for years to come.

Service and maintenance

Fast and reliable

We guarantee the swiftest technical intervention times in the industry. We are able to service your equipment in no longer than 10 working days for units sold anywhere in the world.

That’s safe to know.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is as natural as breathing

One of the most efficient natural methods to increase both physical and cognitive performance.

Embrace the natural healing powers of hyperbaric oxygen with OxyHelp. Our chambers harness this therapy to boost your body's self-healing capabilities, making each breath a step towards optimal health and vitality.

Immerse yourself in the natural healing powers of hyperbaric oxygen with OxyHelp. Our chambers offer a sanctuary where each breath brings you closer to optimal health, making them an ideal choice for those looking to purchase a hyperbaric chamber for home or professional use.

HBO applications

The OxyLife I mild HBOT chamber is a *non-medical easy to install and operate, perfect for therapy centers, wellness salons, also safe for home use.

We deliver and help install the OxyLife I chamber, also supply the necessary know-how to operate and manage your hyperbaric chamber.

*Note: The OxyLife I chamber is currently marked and sold as a non-medical device, with a software limitation of 1.5 ATA pressure. OxyHelp chambers are built for 2 ATA max working pressure with automatic controls (touch panel).

All chambers are built according to PVHO (Pressure Vessels for Human Occupancy) standards (X-Ray, ultrasounds and dye penetrant liquids inspections) by authorized laboratories.

Following the CE certification for Class IIB medical devices, the software upgrade for 2 ATA pressure will be soon available. Consequently, all Class IIB certified medical device chambers (same product, current model) can be upgraded to sustain increased pressures.

FAQs about Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers

All your questions, already answered.

How much does a Hyperbaric Chamber cost?

The cost of a hyperbaric chamber varies depending on the model and specifications. At OxyHelp, we offer competitive pricing for our hyperbaric oxygen chamber cost, ensuring that you receive the best value for your investment. For specific pricing details, please contact us directly.

Our hyperbaric chambers are designed for durability and longevity. With proper maintenance, they can last for several years without needing significant interventions.

The ongoing costs include electricity for the compressor unit, oxygen concentrator, and cooling system. These are designed to be energy-efficient, keeping operational costs manageable.

The air filters in the compressor unit of our hyperbaric chambers are long-lasting, typically requiring replacement after 20,000 hours of use, ensuring minimal maintenance hassle.

The gross particle filter in the oxygen concentrator should be washed weekly and replaced every two years. With proper maintenance, the concentrator has a long lifespan of 25,000 - 30,000 hours.

The cooling system is designed for ease of use. Maintenance primarily involves keeping the water and cooling gas levels as recommended. We provide guidance and support for all maintenance aspects.

Our hyperbaric oxygen chambers are a blend of advanced technology and user-centric design, making them a top choice for those looking to buy a hyperbaric chamber. Experience the OxyHelp difference in every breath.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy in our chambers accelerates recovery, enhances immune function, and improves overall wellness. It's a natural and effective way to boost your body's healing process, making it an ideal choice for those considering a hyperbaric oxygen chamber for sale.

Purchasing a hyperbaric chamber from OxyHelp is a seamless process. Contact us through our website, and our team will assist you in selecting the perfect chamber to meet your needs, whether for personal rejuvenation or professional therapy.

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