Multiplace Hyperbaric Chambers

OXYLIFE C - Premium Multiplace Hyperbaric Chamber

Multiplace Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

The OxyHelp OxyLife C Multiplace chamber is ideal for multiple users at the same time. This multiplace hyperbaric oxygen chamber allows either an assistant or an observer inside to monitor the user and assist with the session, electronic functions or emergencies.
The different sizes of Multiplace HBOT chambers (2, 4 or 5-seater) can also fit cardio equipment like a stationary bike / water rower or can be fitted with 2 to 5 seats for users to enjoy collective sessions.

Experience the next level of hyperbaric therapy with our multiplace hyperbaric chambers. Designed for versatility and user comfort, the OxyHelp OxyLife C chamber is a perfect blend of advanced technology and practical design, making it a top choice for home users, athletes, spa and wellness enthusiasts.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is as natural as breathing

One of the most efficient natural methods to increase both physical and cognitive performance.

Our multiplace hyperbaric oxygen chamber leverages this natural therapy, offering a shared healing experience. It's not just a hyperbaric oxygen therapy session; it's a rejuvenating journey for groups, enhancing wellness and fostering a shared healing experience.

Portability and installation

Say hello to the only multiplace hyperbaric chamber in the world to fit through any standard doorway.

Our split multiplace hyperbaric chamber can be split into 2 or 3 sections small enough (70 cm x 190 cm) to pass through any standard-sized door frame to allow for assembly inside a building, without having to structurally modify the building.

Due to the lightweight aluminum structure and low footprint, can be literally installed into any home or commercial location without the need of a special permit for the authorities. When needed, this modular multiplace hyperbaric chamber may be easy dismantled, moved, and then conveniently re-assembled at a different location.

Our innovative design simplifies the logistics of hyperbaric therapy, making the OxyHelp chamber an ideal choice for various settings, including commercial facilities, sports centers, and private homes. Its ease of assembly and disassembly is a game-changer in hyperbaric therapy accessibility.

Interior comfort

  • Modular construction
  • Flexible seals, gaskets and fluid sealing materials placed between modules and sections prevent gas leakage and loss of pressure from the chamber
  • Foldable seats allow convenient space usage
  • Possibility of wheelchair access
  • Chamber can be equipped with a stationary bike or a water rower.
  • Other accessories like home cinema system, TVs, foldable bed can be easily fitted inside.
Interior comfort

The interior of our multiplace HBOT chamber is a haven of comfort and flexibility.
Designed with user experience in mind, it offers customizable seating arrangements, ample space for movement, and options for various therapeutic activities.
This adaptability makes it suitable for a wide range of users, from athletes seeking muscle recovery to users in need of medical rehabilitation delivering the smoothest and most technologically advanced user experience in the entire industry. OXYHELP's path breaking chambers, marked a milestone as the world's first, safest, finest and most luxurious anti-aging devices, imbued with integrated intelligent protocols and mirrored command system.

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Multiplace Chambers for diverse applications

Our OxyLife C Multiplace Hyperbaric Chambers are constructed to distinct specifications for places that receive an influx of numerous users. These chambers can reduce staff personnel for users and are designed for comfortable sessions. An operator can control the multiplace HBOT chamber from the outside, either step inside with the users.

Our chambers are not just high end hyperbaric devices; they are comprehensive wellness solutions. They cater to a range of sectors, including healthcare, sports, wellness, and beauty. The dual computer operation system ensures ease of use, allowing for both self-operated sessions and professional supervision and allows users to setup their session from both the inside or outside the chamber.

A Multiplace Chamber with multiple advantages

Commercial advantages

  • Will serve your users for years with minimum running costs and maintenance.
  • Delivers amazing results really fast and it lets you make every therapy session count in the multiplace hyperbaric oxygen chamber counts.
  • Designed for people of all ages, will make them feel stronger, healthier, more energized and free of pain.
  • Available for purchase in the affordable price range making it an excellent return on investment.

The OxyHelp multiplace hyperbaric chamber is an investment in your long-term health and well-being. Its low maintenance operational costs and over the wire updates make it a financially viable option for various businesses and health facilities. Each session in our chamber is an opportunity to enhance your health, accelerate recovery, and improve your overall quality of life.

Technical superiority and innovation

  • Low floor space ratio (lowest footprint in the industry) and minimal supervision.
  • Can accommodate up to 5 (five) people.
  • Practitioner independent (can be operated from inside without assistance, timer and counter)
  • Low running costs and low maintenance (air filter replacement only)
  • Built using modular parts allows easy installation inside an existing and functioning facility.

Our multiplace HBOT chamber sets new standards in hyperbaric technology. Its compact design and efficient operation make it a perfect fit for various environments. The chamber's user-friendly interface and automated systems ensure a smooth, hassle-free experience for both operators and users.

Ideal for activities in different fields:

The versatility of the OxyHelp chamber extends to numerous fields, making it a valuable asset for a wide range of professionals. From enhancing athletic performance to supporting beauty treatments, post surgery recovery, the applications of our multiplace hyperbaric chambers are vast and varied.

  • Wellness and Spa
  • Fitness Centers
  • Sports Centers
  • Private Use
  • Beauty Salons
  • Chiropractors

FAQs about Multiplace Hyperbaric Chambers

All your questions, already answered.

What sets OxyHelp Chambers apart in the Market?

While other hyperbaric chambers can supply your body with a consistent level of pressure, the one and only Smart Multi Place Hyperbaric Chamber recognizes that pressure in flux powers up real healing like nothing else.

There’s far more to hyperbaric oxygen therapy than by simply lying in a static pressure chamber. Let us explain: The fact is oxygen increases when you pressure up a hyperbaric chamber. However, more importantly, Life and longevity, actually escalates when you then decrease that pressure, since this is when your body calls in new stem cells to repair your body. With this in mind, if you build the pressure, and then let it go in a series of up and down cycles, you’ll experience a more dramatic physical response than with one single pressure alone. With pressure modifications, your body produces Hypoxia-Inducible Factor (HIF) and revs up its life force!

This is why we developed a self-adjusting series of smart longevity protocols, designed for you to select just the right program you need. A circuit of pressure protocols that vary the level of pressure and the level of oxygen inside the chamber goes to work while you relax and heal. As the pressures change, new stem cells proliferate. Stem cells that are like a 3D printer that can re-write every nook and cranny of your body, erasing systemic mistakes, and making you a renewed you.

This Self-adjusting pressure circuit is what gives the Smart Chamber the healing edge. Rebuild your health, repair tissue, restore energy - our Smart Chambers will bring you to the life you want.

Unlock the Healing Power of Every Breath with our Signature Protocols: Healthy Aging, Recharge, Gentle Support, Exercise Recovery, Preconditioning and Chronic Health Support.

Safety is paramount in our design philosophy. Our chambers are built with top-grade materials and incorporate advanced safety features, including emergency depressurization and automatic pressure regulation, to ensure a secure and reliable hyperbaric experience. With more that 5 automatic and manual emergency stops, OXYHELP's path breaking hyperbaric chambers, marked a milestone as the world's first, safest, finest and most luxurious hyperbaric devices.

Absolutely. The OxyHelp chamber offers a range of customization options, from seating configurations to the inclusion of therapeutic equipment, making it adaptable to various user needs and preferences.

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