OxyHelp Industry Business Investments

Innovative business models for the benefit of our clients

Exclusive distributors

We welcome new partners to affiliate with OxyHelp Industry to become an exclusive distributor of our hyperbaric chambers on regional, national and international markets.


  • Full control over the local market.
  • Independence in establishing price policy as long as distributor meets the yearly minimum purchase.
  • Direct beneficiary of Oxyhelp online marketing campaigns, trade shows and exhibitions participation.
  • Encompasses all other forms of business opportunities, reseller, franchise and rental.


We welcome new worldwide partners to affiliate with OxyHelp Industry to become a reseller of our hyperbaric chambers on regional, national and international markets.


  • Will operate under the manufacturer price.
  • Discounts will be granted proportionally with sales volume.
  • Can eventually become exclusive distributors as they approach the level of sales required for exclusive rights.

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Rental Franchise

We’re open for business propositions from investors that can partner with OxyHelp Industry, a distributor or reseller to facilitate renting the chambers to small entrepreneurs – wellness centers, spas, orthopedic rehabilitation clinics, chiropractic and kinesiotherapy practices, holistic medicine centers, veterinary clinics, beauty salons, fitness centers, professional athletes training centers.


  • Flexible financial advantages according to number of units rented
  • Great return of investment for therapeutic sessions
  • Custom pricing for therapeutic sessions
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Private renting

You’re welcome to use our rental service for individual persons to benefit from our chambers while staying at home. A two-years contract allows the client to purchase the OxyHelp chamber at the end of the contract at a discounted price – one year worth of rent price will be deducted from the final selling price.

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Breathe easily, we’ve got you covered

OXYHELP INDUSTRY offers its clients a manufacturer warranty of 2 years with 3 years extension option for unlimited confidence.

Service and maintenance

Fast and reliable

We guarantee the swiftest technical intervention times in the industry. We are able to service your equipment in no longer than 10 working days for units sold anywhere in the world.

That’s safe to know.

Transportation and worldwide delivery

We work with a worldwide logistics company to help with the transportation of our hyperbaric chambers to any address on the planet. Our shipment partners offer the best quotations and lead times on the market, a guarantee based on our long-standing business relation with the logistics company.

Land transport for shipment
to inland European Union locations

Boat transport for shipment
to worldwide locations

Air transport for shipment
to worldwide locations

Our fair share of satisfied customers

We have already shipped and installed our hyperbaric chambers in over 30 countries like –
Japan, USA, Hawaii, United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, Russia, Colombia, New Zealand, Australia, France, Spain, The Czech Republic, Slovenia, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Germany, Sweden, Austria, Netherland, Belgium, France, Monaco, Norway, Portugal, Slovakia, Hungary Mexico, Saudi Arabia, etc.