1. OxyHelp chambers and accessories

What does the standard price for the OxyLife I hyperbaric chamber include?

Price includes the OxyLife I chamber body and the control unit without any other accessories, such as the cooler.

Monoplace chambers are not delivered in parts. The external diameter has to fit through a doorway as it is. 80 cm chambers require 88 cm door access.

The chamber features standard feeding nozzles on the interior which can connect any type of mask. Find a type you feel comfortable wearing and use it. Please get them locally.

The communication between the operator and user is done through the stand-alone dual-way intercom placed inside the chamber. The audio-video option is just for entertainment purposes.

No, all OXYHELP products (Oxylife I and Oxylife C) are declared Non-Medical, commercial devices for wellness and relaxation purposes.

The pressure used in Oxylife Non-Medical Chambers is up to a maximum of 0.5Bar, 1.5ATA respectively.

2. Operating OxyHelp Hyperbaric Chambers

Is it recommended for users to have a medical check-up before using the chamber ?

Yes it is!



Normal speed of slow depressurization is around 8 minutes.

Pressure level and session length can be adjusted anytime, even during session from the touch panel interface on the control unit – outside the chamber. From inside the chamber such changes are not available if the control panel is set exclusively for outside operator control. The possible commands from inside the chamber, without operator control are: start/stop and cooling switch on/off. If the operator sets the control panel to be operated from within, all pressure commands and other features are also available from inside the chamber.

3. Safety of use

40 seconds.

The temperature inside the chamber depends on several factors:

  • Compressor usage time. The longer it is used, the hotter the air being pumped inside the chamber. The cooler is necessary especially when the chamber is being used continuously for more than one hour.
  • Patient’s body heat. Some people’s bodies generate more heat than others, so some people might feel OK without the cooler, while others may not.

Chambers have been tested at 2.4 ATA with no signs of deformation.

We have many chambers on the market with thousands of working hours with no signs of pressure stress fatigue.

Biggest risk I have seen with soft chambers is CO2 poisoning in case of power failure. People can fall asleep while in the chamber and there is a power failure. Compressor stops ventilating the chamber, chamber remains inflated like a balloon without exchanging air with the exterior.

There will still be 700 liters of air available, but the building of carbon dioxide inside the chamber is a health hazard. In case of power failure, the OxyHelp chamber depressurizes automatically, door falls down letting the air come inside the chamber. So even when the patient is sleeping and there is no one around, it is totally safe.

4. Warranty and maintenance

What is the general time warranty expected for the OxyLife I Hyperbaric Chambers?

Capsule design has been proven to work for at least 3-4 years without any intervention. You won’t have to hassle with much maintenance during the long life of the OxyLife I chamber.

Capsule design has been proven to work for at least 3-4 years without any intervention. The only foreseeable issue after 3-4 years of use is the trim seal around the entrance that will have to be replaced. We prepared video instructions for such procedure and we will also provide the trim seal and the bond. Procedure takes around 2 hours and does not require special skills.

Ongoing costs

Electricity bill, power consumption as follows:

  1. Compressor unit - 380 Watt
  2. Oxygen Concentrator - 650 Watt
  3. Cooling system 500 Watt

Compressor unit

Compressor unit has 2 sets of air filters, 0.05 and 0.01 microns and at 100 l/min flow the filters will work for 20 000 hours. The air pump lifetime is around 8000 hours. Air pump costs – 400 Euro

AirSep Oxygen Concentrator

You will only need to wash the gross particle filter once a week, as per the instructions in owner’s manual, and replace it once every 2 years. The concentrator life is 25 000 - 30 000 hours with proper maintenance. The molecular sieve should be replaced after 10 000 hours.

Cooling system

We have only been using it for about 8 months now, I don't know of any maintenance requirements, I will ask. I believe you only have to keep the water and cooling gas levels as recommended

The maintenance is described in the user manual. It is basically about keeping the chamber clean and only using neutral detergent. Only wipe window with soft cloth and neutral detergent or water. Spay some silicon oil on the guiding window rails once a moth or whenever you feel the door is not sliding easy. Safety features are explained in the initial email or Oxyhelp catalog. Please read through.