Sky News reporter

Gemma Morris, Sky News reporter

Gemma Morris, a Sky News reporter who previously presented the case of a young boy undergoing hyperbaric oxygen therapy, decides to try it for herself in one of our hyperbaric chambers, the Oxylife I. Inside the chamber, she communicates with Dr. Pender and Tim, the owner of the clinic, through the speaker phone. They answer her questions such as what happens inside the body during the therapy and what are the effects and benefits of the therapy.

OxyMedica, Poland

Magdalena Madej, OxyMedica, Poland

We purchased our Oxyhelp chamber in September 2016. Before that, our company owned a Japanese model which didn’t work as we expected (there were recurrent small issues which prevented us from using it regularly). Before buying our new chamber from OxyHelp we were able to discuss all the questions that arised during our work with the previous one. The company owners were very understanding and treated our case individually with regard to all those problems we had with the previous chamber and to our particular (difficult at that time) situation. The staff was always there to answer our questions. In case we needed personal intervention (upgrading of our chamber) it was provided without delay. Besides that there were no problems with our chamber. It is reliable and never disappoints us.

Medical Center, Russia

We helped install the Oxyhelp hyperbaric chamber, model Oxylife I 80 in Russia, The Republic of Dagestan, for a medical center that provides oxygen therapy sessions for clients of all ages.

Jerzy Trojanek, Częstochowa, Poland

I was looking for hyperbaric chambers that would meet EU requirements, which can be helpful for people with any illnesses. I found OxyHelp Industry, a manufacturer that values safety and comfort, ease of operation and service, including warranty conditions. The OxyHelp hyperbaric oxygen chamber is perfect for people that need the health benefits provided by Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.