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July 19, 2022

We put the O2 in WRKUT

Over the course of time, humankind has been continuously searching for methods to remain young, preserve their health and become more and more efficient in all aspects of their existence. Especially nowadays, in the fast-paced world that we all live in, it is important to maintain a balanced lifestyle and to prioritize the health of our bodies and minds.

But do you really have the time to spend 2 hours at the gym, daily? Or even more, considering the traffic…

What if there could be a method that helps you increase your performance, as well as the number of burnt calories? Moreso, it is even possible to boost your recovery time, and you could even perform 2 workouts daily, with minimum muscle sore and no harm to your tendons.

The good news is that this method exists, and it is closer to you than ever.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is an all organic, non-toxic, and natural method that allows an influx of pure oxygen to enter your body. This increase in the volume of oxygen increases the amount of nutrients delivered to cells and tissues, while simultaneously promoting the regeneration by inhibiting the oxidative stress. All these benefits are correlated with a better mental agility, focus, anti-aging properties and faster recovery.

What is more, there are recent studies that suggest that HBOT has a positive outcome in terms of exercising performance and endurance. How is this possible, you may wonder? The explanation is simple: with prolonged and intense utilization of oxygen by the structures of the body, a phenomenon called hypoxia, meaning lack of oxygen, occurs in the internal environment of the body, causing accumulation of lactic acid, which leads to muscle sore. The effects of hypoxia do not stop here: by depleting the oxygen in the body, negative developments such as overtraining syndrome, excessive fatigue, injuries or illness can occur.

However, these negative impacts found their solution in HBOT: by offering the body an additional volume of oxygen, hypoxia is countered and effective improvement in muscle oxygenation and muscle fatigue are attained.

Exercising with oxygen therapy (EWOT) is a method of training that implies that the person who exercises is breathing a flow of highly-enriched oxygen air. This helps not only with the oxygenation of red blood cells, but also of plasma. As a result, the efficiency of the training process is highly increased, while also helping the body to rebuild the oxygen pathways in capillaries, improving blood flow and oxygen absorption.

You may wonder how important this is. Well, please allow us to explain further. The blood capillaries are the little blood vessels that deliver oxygen and nutrients to all your tissues and organs. These capillaries are surrounded by cells that are directly dependent to the oxygen levels in the blood plasma. If the capillaries are depleted of oxygen, they also tend to absorb fluid to compensate the loss, which translates in swollen and distended capillaries, unable to properly distribute oxygen, nutrients and minerals to the structures of the body. As a result, the physiological activities of the cells in the tissues are slowed down, or even interrupted, leading to health conditions and diseases. Usually, these capillaries swelling lead to endovascular diseases, which first affect the heart, then the legs and finally, the brain.

Well, what if you are healthy, and you do not have any chronic disease? Should you still consider EWOT?

Yes, you should. Did you know that starting with the age of 25, your body begins to absorb oxygen much slower? More than that, we are sure that you experienced at least once extreme tiredness caused by long work hours, repeated flights and overall, an unhealthy lifestyle. This innovative workout method is perfectly suitable and time-efficient for almost everyone, as it is natural and organic, detoxifying the structures of the body and leaving you feeling refreshed, young and full of vitality.

You may think that your gym or sports centre does not provide this type of therapy, and you might be right. This is where OxyHelp Chambers come in help.

OxyHelp is a company that has been focusing on the development of effective and accessible solutions for hyperbaric oxygen therapy. OxyHelp Chambers are certified non-medical devices, designed to fit perfectly at home. Not only are these devices innovative, but they are the most advanced chambers on the market, destined for personal use.

During all the research years, OxyHelp has come up with the optimal design and performance of a HBOT chamber. The pressure fluctuation is coordinated by an automatic system, which ensures a permanent control over the parameters of the chamber, as well as a proper increase and decrease of the pressure, avoiding the risk of overpressure or fast depressurization.

A client-orientated feature that also places OxyHelp Chambers at the top of the home-destined HBOT chambers is the permanent control of the user over the entire process. Through the two-way touch-screen communication system, installed both inside and outside the chamber, the user can monitor or even stop the protocol anytime. Moreover, all the details of the session can be sent to any wi-fi-using device, which makes it easy to share information with your physician, doctor, trainer of wellness coach. This was especially designed for your comfort and safety: whether you have to enter that 11 a.m. daily meeting and you miscalculated your time, or the courier just called to deliver you a package, you can stop the process anytime – the depressurization happens in only 40 seconds, and you can go on with your day.

Normally, the interior of OxyHelp Chambers designed for different protocols (anti-age, brain injury, sports recovery etc) is equipped with a bed or chairs, made of an antibacterial, leather-like material that assures a proper circulation of oxygen. However, recently we came up with an innovative approach: replacing the bed and chairs with a workout device, named rowing machine. As mentioned above, exercising under HBOT is known to improve workout efficiency, muscle oxygenation and muscle fatigue.

You might wonder how a rowing machine could be beneficial for you. Well, this device combines resistance training and cardio, while targeting 85% of the muscles in your body. What is more, through rowing, the risk of foot tendon injury is diminished, and the joints are protected much more compared to other types of cardio, such as treadmill running or jumping. The advantages of this small, cost-effective and accessible workout are enormous:

  • High intensity training, but with low impact

If you have been hearing from your physician that you should restrain from cardio due to lower back pain, joint problems or tendon issues, you can be sure that the rowing machine comes in handy in this situation: due to its design, although it is intense (and trust us, you will burn serious calories!), it is also gentle on your joints.

  • Combining of resistance training and cardio

Resistance training (or weight training) refers to exercises that causes a contraction to the muscles against an external resistance, having as results increased strength, power and endurance, as well as muscle growing. Usually, cardio and resistance training are performed separately: one at the beginning of the workout session and one at the end. This imposes automatically that the efficiency of one or another is diminished, due to fatigue. However, through rowing, the benefits of both types can be combined, while also shortening the time of the workout session. We told you: we are all about efficiency, in both results and time!

  • Quick results

Through combining both types of training, not only the number of active burnt calories increases, but also the metabolic rate. The muscular tissue in the body is known to burn more calories in rest periods compared to the fat tissue. Since using the rowing machine strengthens both the cardiac muscle (i.e., the heart) and the skeletal muscles, the calories consumption during rest periods increases, which translates to quicker results. So, by combining rowing with HBOT, you get a metabolic rate with almost 30% higher than compared to a classic workout.

  • Mental health benefits

It is widely known that exercising in general improves mental health, but did you know that activities that impose an active coordination of the body structures (in this case, arms and legs) is known to have enormous advantages? From improved memory to focus, agility and clarity, a rowing workout can contribute positively to all of these aspects.

So, besides all the amazing benefits of the rowing machine, is it possible to obtain even better results?

The answer is YES: through exercising inside the OxyHelp Chambers on a rowing machine. The bed or chairs that comes installed in the chamber have been replaced with this workout device and the results were outstanding. So, not only you have the possibility of working out in the comfort of your own home and according to your schedule, but it is also more efficient in terms of results. The addition of oxygen supply during exercise imposes a faster circulation of oxygen, which repairs the transport mechanisms throughout the entire body. This will permit the oxygen to reach the capillaries and all the tissues and structures that were oxygen-famished, increasing the amount of minerals and nutrients and determining a higher level of energy at cellular level, allowing you to perform better and more effective.

Apart from this, how can you benefit from using an OxyHelp Chamber?

The advantages of these devices are enormous: from anti-age, recovery, improvement in skin texture and brain activity enhance, OxyHelp Chambers only do so much.

In terms of workout benefits, let’s not forget to mention the muscle soreness that occurs after a thorough exercise session. Or, even worse, a muscle strain or even a fracture. Can you recover quicker, using OxyHelp Chambers? Of course! HBOT help in naturally accelerating the healing processes within our bodies, through increasing the transportation of oxygen at the damaged tissues, which also includes a proper exchange of nutrients at cellular lever, promoting rapid healing and quicker recovery.

Ok, but what if you are not interested in working out?

Although specialist recommend at least 30 minutes of sports activities daily, we will not judge you if you do not like to sweat and burn some calories, but we are more than sure that you like feeling young, refreshed and having a good mental tonus. And OxyHelp Chambers can help you in those areas, as well.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is proven scientifically to be efficient in counteracting the processes that are directly linked to aging, such as oxidative stress. Furthermore, HBOT is known to even promote collagen and new skin cell formation, which improves skin quality and helps in maintaining a youthful, fresh appearance.

However, youth is more a state of mind rather than a matter of appearance, so taking care of your brain results in a better performance and overall health. By having regular HBOT sessions, it has been proven scientifically that favourable results were registered in terms of:

  • Memory loss prevention
  • Enhanced cognitive performance
  • Facilitated learning process
  • Recovery from PTSD, anxiety and depression

So, just to be sure that you have all the information that you need, let’s do a quick recap:

Are OxyHelp Chambers safe to be used at home?

Yes, it is. The fact that it is controlled both automatically and manually (if you choose to) assures a smooth increase and decrease in the pressure inside the chamber. Moreso, the usage of oxygen compressors instead of cylinders helps in reducing considerably the risks of explosion. The system automatically shuts down at power failures or outrages, assuring a depressurization of the chamber and automatic door opening.

Do OxyHelp Chambers improve your workout regimen?

Yes, they do. By exercising with an influx of pure, crisp oxygen a proper muscle oxygenation, increased performance and endurance and reduced muscle fatigue is noticed.

Do OxyHelp Chambers have multiple other advantages?

Yes, they do. From anti-aging protocols to PTSD recovery and mental clarity, as well as promote of post-injury recovery, OxyHelp Chambers have a variety of benefits.

So, it is right in the comfort at my own home, right?

Yes, it is.

Oh, and one last question: can I have my phone inside the OxyHelp Chambers?

Yes, you can use your mobile phone, tablet or laptop inside the chamber, with no risks whatsoever.

If you need further info on the studies that this article is based upon, please access this link :


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